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The history and events of the Laverda Club in Victoria is long and varied, this unofficial page represents a condensed modern history from the perspective and involvement of DAM Classic Racing Pty Ltd in the development of the club.
DAM Classic Racing (DAMCR) has supported Laverda Owners Victoria with substantial sponsorship of events, contribution for fund raising and raffles for many years and has hosted this webpage on DAM Classic Racing and a similar page on the DAM Group website since 2007. As a Laverda Parts Dealer it continues to provide a central point of contact for Laverda spare parts worldwide and mechanical services to its members and owners of all types of classic motorcycles.

Many people have been instrumental in the formation and continuation of the Laverda Club in Victoria. This page cannot detail all their vital contributions or give the credit that is due for the hard work of all those who have played a pivotal role in the history of this fine club over so many years. Some have passed away leaving us with fond memories and tall tales, some have enjoyed their time as a Laverda owner and moved to other interests, a core group has stayed with the club since it's earliest beginnings. Anyone with knowledge of the early years and who would like to contribute details to make this page more informative please email us.

The CEO of DAMCR Greg Parish ACS has been a member of Club Laverda Victoria since 1984, and an office bearer in various capacities at times when the Club was staging rides, track days and race meetings for its members and other clubs for several years. These were the heydays of club racing in Victoria when genuine Laverda SFC750s along with several 1000/1200s were regularly seen on the tracks around Victoria and South Australia. Phil Peacock raced his Laverda Jota 1000 with success in Superbike races at some of the world renowned racetracks like Calder Park Raceway, Sandown Park and Winton. Greg Parish  finished 5th in the International WSBK Classics at Phillip Island  in 1990 on a modified Laverda 1200(*2350) and won the BEARS (Formula European Championship) Series  that same year with the final round being staged at the iconic MacNamara Park Raceway in South Australia. This raceway has a rich history of fostering top class riders, many going on to the world stage to represent Australia in World Superbikes and MotoGP. The outside dining area is paved with tiles commemorating past winners, sponsors and club members. Not withstanding the spelling mistakes, it is great to see Laverda represented in the flagstones of this courtyard.

The club's Public Officer and Committee member at the time Phil Murrell also took to the tracks in the early '90s on his Laverda Harris Magnum II 1200. After several years of successful competition in Superbikes, Thunderbikes and Bears, and with legendary Laverda tuner Ennio Bardalla working his magic on the engine he won the prestigious Master Of Mac Park (Period 5) in 1995.

These were the days before computers and mobile phones started to play such a big part in our lives and the hardworking Laverda Club committee produced regular hardcopy multi-page A5 sized Club Newsletters that were typed, printed, photocopied, placed in envelopes, stamps added and sent out to members in the mail. Email wasn't on the scene for most members until the mid '90s and immediate communications were done by landline tephones or word-of-mouth. Ride days and social events were organised with this technology and held at various members homes and much enjoyment and friendship was enjoyed by the group, some with very young families at the time.  From the Extracts obtained from Victoria Consumer Affairs show that on their database in 1991 the club was still registered as Laverda Club Victoria but by 2002 a new committee had taken on the running of the club and deemed that the paperwork involved with being incorporated as a club offered little benefit to the members ([sic] Dave Doyle Sept 2020) and the club was officially deregistered on May 16th 2002.   

With the burden of personal legal accountability now removed from the office bearers Sergio Canale then took over the leadership of the activities of this group of passionate enthusiasts. A Laverda Club Victoria webpage was launched on the the DAM Group website in 2007 so Laverda riders searching for the club now had a worldwide internet point of contact and membership numbers grew, a regular entertaining newsletter was produced and the Laverda brand gained attention at Festivals, Race Meetings and Rallies. When the DAM Group launched it's first  online parts sales webpages in 2012 it included a PayPal Direct Debit facility for members to have their subscriptions automatically renewed. This facility was eventually discontinued in preference for fee-free bank transfers.  Retired racers were encouraged to dust off their leathers and take to the tracks, and spectators were treated to the incredible sound of thundering Laverda(s) at full throttle again as members from Victoria, Queensland, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia took to the circuits again. The resurgence of interest in racing Laverda was exciting! The DAMCR Laverda re-appeared on the tracks at the 2011 Australian MotoGP Historics after being inspired by the awesome appearance of the Legendary Spaceframe Laverda 1000 of Crispin Trueman with rider Blair Briggs aboard at Phillip Island the year before. Laverda Owners Victoria members were out in full force to support Greg finishing 9th outright in the 2013 Phillip Island International Classic,  2nd in the 2013 Australian Historic Road Race Titles, and continued to entertain a strong club following in subsequent years finishing 3rd in the 2014 Australian Historic Road Race Titles 2014 while setting the fastest lap time of the series in the same year, 11th in the very competitive 2014 Phillip Island International Classic and unfortunately crashed out while in 3rd position of the 2014 Southern Classic Road Race Titles. Such was the support of Laverda Owners Victoria in those days that on more than one occasion they 'passed the hat around' to raise funds to help with the costs of keeping Laverdas on the track. These were great years for club members to see Laverdas racing against the top international competitors in classic racing from the UK, New Zealand and the USA.

DAM Classic Racing produced promotional flags to add a festive feeling to club events and presented one to the club with the Laverda Owners Victoria logo at the top.

Any race meeting where a Laverda was to be seen on the track always provided the opportunity for members ride together to share the passion, sometimes renting houses near the track locations, sometimes arranging camping sites. And always, the sight of a band of Laverdas parked together never failed to spark the attention of the motorcycling public.

In 2017 Laverda Owners Victoria feted Piero Laverda and his Laverda Corse team from Italy when they visited DAM Classic Racing in Victoria (video content).

A rally was held at the workshop of DAM Classic Racing for riders to meet Piero Laverda, the sole surviving brother of Massimo. These two men were the driving force behind the creation of the famous Laverda motorcycles that became the catylists for long standing friendships and adventurous lifestyles for many people over many years. These bikes had represented a certain character of a person that created friendships and sparked romances that often became lifelong relationships. They had been the instrument of youthful, and now not so youthful, hooligans to burn off testosterone driven energies, created situations that still initiate laughter and fond memories of time spent with good friends, epic journeys around Australia, rallies and race weekends.

Piero had brought the awe-inspiring Laverda V6 with him from Italy to the Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney and DAM Classic Racing financed and organised the Drysdale 750cc V8 to be shipped north to run side by side with Piero riding the 1000cc V6 Laverda at the International Festival Of Speed. A sight and sound like no other. Specially embroidered business shirts displaying a map of Australia surrounding the event title designed by Angus Parish were purchased by DAM Classic Racing and presented to the Italian  Team to commemorate their visit. The Laverda Corse Team wore them every day for the duration of the event.

At the Gala Dinner for the International Festival of Speed Piero unveiled the Laverda SFC/4 and announced that Greg Parish from DAM Classic Racing was to be the first rider to officially test-ride this bike. Greg felt very honoured to be selected to display the agile abilities and speed of the air cooled fuel injected Laverda 668 based race spec machine to the world and Australian Motorcycle News magazine reported the test with photos promoting the latest creation of Laverda Corse.

The club members saw racing Laverda continue into 2018 when Jimmy Parish set a new Drag Racing Record for Pre 1973 motorcycles at the Geelong Speed Trials on the DAMCR 981cc Bol d'Or replica race bike. This record stands unbeaten.

2019, being the 70th Anniversary of Laverda Motorcycles, was a grand occasion for his brother Angus Parish to set a Land Speed Record on his 30th birthday March 5th for Production Classic 500cc Class Motorcycles piloting a 1977 Laverda 500 (*1652) Alpina on the Salt at Lake Gairdner. This was the first time in the world that a Laverda had attempted a Land Speed Record on a Dry Salt Lake. The story of this record is published in the book MOTOS LAVERDA LES MOTOS MYTHIQUES DE BREGANZE (The Mythical Motorcycles of Breganze 1949-2019) by Jean-Louis Olive.

A few months later in July 2019 a number of Laverda Owners Victoria members travelled to Italy for the official rally and International 70th Anniversary Celebrations of Laverda held in its hometown of Breganze Italy. This was a major event for the marque and Australia was well represented. Some had shipped their bikes to Europe, some via England, to tour the European continent to Italy to take their their bikes to visit their place of birth. During the rally Piero Laverda announced to great acclaim the release of a new Laverda book La Diva, Laverda 750. It was said to be the largest gathering of Laverda enthusiasts in the history of the small Italian village.

At home local weekday country rides became more frequent and racing continued with members again entering their Laverda into the Geelong Speed Trials, the BEARS races at Phillip Island and in conjunction with the Australian Road Race Championships at Broadford Raceway of which DAM Classic Racing is a regular sponsor. Groups of Laverda club members from nearly every State in Eastern Australia travelled to Broadford to watch the final round of the combined BEARS Championship race series. It was a major event and an opportunity for members to see a Laverdas from QLD, NSW and Victoria racing on the track at the same time and to see a Laverda win another Championship for the history books. The contingent of Laverda motorcycles rolling into the carpark created quite a spectacle and old friendships were rekindled under the banner of shared experiences of Laverda ownership.

Three weeks later members of Laverda Owners Victoria gathered for the annual Christmas party on November 30th and Sergio announced his resignation. It was a sudden termination of what had otherwise been a vibrant leadership for many years. "On the day, after lunch had been completed, I called everyone inside as we had some formal business to deal with. With people gathered inside, I withdrew as President, then Dave (Doyle) nominated for the role and was seconded by Shane (McKie). I called for any others who were willing to take on the role to put their name forward, and none did so. Dave was duly elected," said Sergio ([sic] Sergio Canale Oct 2020). Dave declared Sergio was to continue in the role as editor of the group's Newsletter. So ended 2019 being the celebratory 70th Anniversary Year of Laverda Motorcycles. 

Early in 2020 saw the world change dramatically with the advent of the Coronavirus Covid-19. All group activities were banned, Government Lock-down measures restricted people to stay at home, only one person could leave the house at a time to shop or exercise for 1 hour and travel was only allowed within a 5km radius of home address. No race meetings were allowed, no club gatherings. Shops were closed, some businesses failed and many motorcycles came up for sale and changed owners. In September the Government created what was termed 'a ring of steel' around metropolitan Melbourne with police roadblocks in place to to prevent anyone leaving the city area in an attempt to stem the spead of the virus. There were a few independent souls in Laverda Owners Victoria who managed to find ways of getting out for short rides on their Laverda but for most it was a time to polish up the bike and do repair jobs in anticipation of normality returning. Preparation and development of race bikes around the country continued behind closed workshop doors in anticipation of a relaxing of restrictions to open up racing events at the earliest opportunity and provide an opportunity for the club members to get out of town for a ride together.

The past 40 years have seen some exciting times for the original members as they've watched the longest running Laverda Club in Australia go from strength to strength. It has seen a number of name changes, changed direction as membership emphasis and leadership has changed and overcome divisive intervention by interstate groups at times. Now as an unofficial gathering of Laverda riders and friends the social group of Laverda owners in Victoria continues to welcome new members via the DAM Classic Racing webpages and word of mouth.

The individual members foster loyal mateship and the love of Laverda motorcycles. Regular rides and fun events are organised throughout the year that cater for riders and their families. Events such as joining with the Classic Italian Motorcycle Association (CIMAA) for free coffee mornings and hamburger nights, weekday rides and other special regional events with like minded motorcycle clubs held throughout the year, dart competition evenings and club meetings, culminating in the annual Boggy Creek Rally held at Curdievale in conjunction with the Moto Guzzi Club Victoria. 

You can meet Laverda Owners Victoria and friends on the last Tuesday of the month at the Malvernvale Hotel, 1321 Malvern Road, Malvern 3144.

Join them from around 8pm, if you want to talk about Laverda or find out more information about the bikes.
The venue for the monthly meeting might change or need special arrangements due to Covid-19 so please contact Dave Doyle for updates before the end of the month.

An interest in, a knowledge of, or previous ownership of Laverda is all you need. When they get together or go for a ride all are welcome, regardless of your brand of bike.

You can join Laverda Owners Victoria $30 for 12 months
Pay by direct debit from a credit card or bank account to receive the newsletter, notification of special events, rides, and rallies

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