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Curdievale Rally (Boggy Creek)

Every year Laverda Owners Victoria join with the Moto Guzzi Club and others to gather at the historic Boggy Creek Pub in Curdievale Victoria for a rally that has become an institution for the loyal revellers.

Creating an impromptu tent village they set up camp on the lawns beside the meandering Curdies River, 8kms from where it joins the sea at Peterborough, to swap stories of epic rides, family news of the past year and enjoy the company of fellow motocyclists. Riders come from Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia to meet their like-minded friends and enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside in the southern part of Australia and, in some years, international visitors also join in the comeradarie of great pub food, live music and an astounding array of motorcycles.

The Annual Raffle is a always a great attraction. In 2020, the State of Victoria, South Australia and NSW had been ravaged by terrifying bushfires that swept out of control destroying everything in their path so the Rally Raffle was staged specifically to raise funds for some of the victims who usually ride to the Curdievale Rally every year. The items provided for the raffle was extensive. There were some special memorabila items brought back from the Laverda 70th Anniversary 1949-2019 in Breganze Italy, a grand range of Inox products by Laverda club member Adrian Crick, and DAM Classic Racing provided many items such as printed mugs, books, tools, tool-rolls, bike locks, bike care products and framed photo prints.

Many families lost their homes to the inferno. The trajedy made world news that reached Piero Laverda in Italy. DAM Classic Racing suggested they present something special for the raffle and Piero gave his blessing to have his signature presented on two exclusive prints that would pique the interest and participation in the fund raising effort.

The first to have Piero Laverda's signature was a photo of Angus Parish at Lake Gairdner Salt Lake when he set a new Land Speed Record on a Laverda 500 Alpino in the Production Classic 500cc Class. The second print was of Angus' brother Jimmy on the start line as he set forth to set a new 1/4 mile Drag Racing Record on a Laverda 981cc Bol d'Or replica.

Piero Laverda provided a personal message of support sent to Laverda Owners Victoria via DAM Classic Racing to be relayed to the bushfire victims and rally goers. He was most specific in that these two prints were to be the only versions ever made with his personal signature to ensure their exclusivity and collectability.

In a quirk of fate and serendipity, two brothers had the winning tickets for the photos of the two brothers' records. Derek and Shane decided that the re-framed and signed photos along with the Transcripts of Authenticity should remain as a set so they hung them proudly together in Derek's study and the money raised from the raffle was carried back to support our friends in South Australia.