The DAM digital:audio:music



4 Shure SM57

4 Shure SM58

2 Sony ECM 77

2 Rode NT1A (matched pair)

2 Rode NTG3 (matched pair)

1 Rode NTG1

2 Sennheiser 416 (matched pair)

1 Sennheiser E902

1 Sennheiser E904

2 Sennheiser EW100

5 Lectrosonics UCR411A/SMDA[25]

7 Sanken Cos 11

1 AKG C1000S

2 AKG C214


Fender Hot Rod DeVille

Marhall MG100 DFX

Warwick Take 12


Tascam DM3200 32in/48mixdown

Digital/Analogue fader automation

Tascam 16 channel meterbridge

Otari calibrated stereo VU meterbridge


Adam A7 Precision

Adam Sub 8


Fender Strat Closet Classic

Fender F55-12 Acoustic

Maton Mastersound 503

Maton TE-1 Acoustic

Maton Mini Mahogany

Martinez MDC 10th Anniversary Acoustic

Voyage-Air  VAD-04 Acoustic

Fender Strat Squire 20th Anniversary

Ibnez Black Eagle bass

Tempo Jazz 3/4 bass

Boosey & Hawks Cornet ‘The Congress’

Yamaha Alto Sax YAS275

Various FX pedals and boxes


TCWorks Reverb

Digimax F5

Digidesign 002 Rack

Ultradyne 24bit dual DSP compressor

API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor

PowerPlay ProXL headphone distribution

Tascam 3440 4 track analogue 1/4” Tape

Various DI boxes

Various FX boxes

SOFTWARE (constant upgrade)



Final Cut Studio


NB: New equipment, microphones, instruments and software are constantly being added to and/or upgraded.


Live Room A is ‘floating’, air-conditioned and fitted with Quadratic Residue Diffusers based on prime7 computer calculations that phase-disperse high frequency reflections to remove coloration and echoes while eliminating the dreaded vacuum-like ‘totally dead’ space.

That’s the techo talk! But this greatly enhances the natural sound of acoustic instruments, drums and high volume amplified electric guitars without compromising the sonic quality and timbre of vocal recordings.

Helmholtz Resonators control low frequency standing-waves in three planes  and  soft acoustic treatment on walls and ceiling create a very comfortable   performance space.


                                               Live Room A.    Useable floor space is 4.3m x 2.3m. Height is 2.5m


Sound Devices 552 with SDHC recorder

Sound Devices 302

5 Lectrosonics SMDA-AU TX with Sanken radio mics

2 Lectrosonics UCR411a Receivers

2 Lectrosonics SR dual channel slot mount receivers

2 Sennheizer EW100 / Sanken radio mics

2 Rode NTG3 shot-gun mics, blimps/jammers

1 Ambient Carbon Fibre Boom Pole 2.6m

1 Rode Boom Pole 3.2m

1 Comtek M216 Transmitter (Option 7)

6 Comtek PR216 receivers Sony Headsets

copyright The DAM 2012

Angus Parish is the senior Sound Engineer at The DAM. He has a solid background in Field Sound Recording for television commercials, short films, documentaries and corporate productions.

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